Traditional Negroni Cocktail

One of the things that makes the Negroni recipe so special is its simplicity.

Just three ingredients and a bit of care in its preparation and you have one of the world’s finest beverages.


30ml Campari

30ml Carpano Antica Formula

30ml Original Spirit Co – Original Classic Dry Gin


  • Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled glass and stir until
  • Strain into an Old Fashioned Glass containing a single large block of ice
  • Slice a large piece of orange zest and remove the pith
  • Squeeze the orange to burst the oil cells over the Negroni

From the cognoscenti

Simple yet so easy to get wrong!! If you don’t have large blocks of ice and have neither the time nor inclination inclination to stir down, simply pour the ingredients over a good handful of reasonably sized ice. Some dilution is good for a fresh Negroni, however too much will leave your Negroni watery and flavourless.

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