Negroni Recipes

Although there are many variants of the Negroni recipe to be found, it is widely accepted that a traditional Negroni is made up of equal parts Campari, London dry gin and sweet red vermouth.

It matters not whether you subscribe to the Florentine notion of Count Camillo Negroni asking bartender Fosco Scarselli to put some extra kick in his Americano, or the (possibly stronger) Gallic argument that General Pascal Olivier Comte de Negroni introduced his new “Vermouth-based cocktail” to the Lunéville Officers Club in Senegal.

Whatever the circumstances of its creation, the traditional Negroni recipe is the benchmark by which all other Negronis must be measured.

Whatever the history of its invention, there is little argument about the heritage of the ingredients of a Negroni recipe.



If there is one beverage think epitomises the very essence of effortless Italian style, right around the world, it is surely Campari. There are many wonderful Amaros and orange bitters out there, however Campari is the one ingredient around which there can be no dispute.



Vermouth takes many forms, particularly around Europe and any sweet red vermouth is perfectly legitimate in a Negroni (and indeed necessary if one is to properly explore the incredible range of styles the different vermouths provide). Once again however few would argue the spiritual home of vermouth to be Italy – Turin in fact, where in 1786 Antonio Benetto Carpano became the first person to commercialise vermouth.



And finally gin. With an incredible history of medicating both ends of the social and economic spectrums over the centuries, gin continues to experience a global renaissance like no other.

Undoubtedly the first gin to go into a Negroni did not herald from Australia, however with a gin distillery for every 50,000 Australians, the local industry is brimming with passion, innovation and any number of botanicals that can only be found in Australia.

With so many decorated local gins it would remiss to look beyond our shores when we can showcase the family distillery that has supported us from the very beginning.

The 924 Cocktail Co's traditional negroni recipe

Traditional Negroni Cocktail

One of the things that makes the Negroni recipe so special is its simplicity. Just three ingredients and a bit of care in its preparation and you have one of the world’s finest beverages.


30ml Campari

30ml Carpano Antica Formula

30ml Original Spirit Co – Original Classic Dry Gin


  • Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled glass and stir until
  • Strain into an Old Fashioned Glass containing a single large block of ice
  • Slice a large piece of orange zest and remove the pith
  • Squeeze the orange to burst the oil cells over the Negroni

From the cognoscenti

Simple yet so easy to get wrong!! If you don’t have large blocks of ice and have neither the time nor inclination inclination to stir down, simply pour the ingredients over a good handful of reasonably sized ice. Some dilution is good for a fresh Negroni, however too much will leave your Negroni watery and flavourless.

More negroni recipes for your enjoyment

The Negroni recipes that follow have all been created to be easily made in the home.

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