about the 924 cocktail co.

About the 924 Cocktail Co.

More than 100 years after the Negroni’s inception, three Melbourne neighbours, all Negroni enthusiasts, met one winter’s night for our weekly debrief on life.

924 Negroni Barrel

Always a convivial occasion where professional conundrums, family milestones and new opportunities become the agenda, this occasion happened to be Negroni Week, and our favourite libation was very much the topic of conversation. Of specific concern—how deceptively difficult it is to perfect this beguiling beverage and deliver a consistently good pour, every time.

That night we resolved to batch produce the perfect Negroni, and what better way to do so than barrel age it! The following day we emptied and rinsed a small port barrel and in no time we had three litres of Negroni, quietly ageing.

Two very long months later, our waning patience was rewarded.

Our barrel aged Negroni was not only spectacular, it was right there on tap, and could be trusted to taste perfect, every time.

There was no turning back. We had to bring this drink to market and quickly set about learning how to create a legitimate product that could be offered to, and purchased by, Negroni lovers everywhere.

IN 2016, and Named after our shared Melbourne street numbers, The 924 Cocktail Co. was founded.

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