Premium barrel aged Negroni

The 924 Negroni - a premium barrel aged Negroni

Believed by most to have been invented in Florence in 1919, the Negroni is as classic a cocktail as one could imagine. Comprised of equal parts Campari, gin and sweet red vermouth and heralding from the hedonistic Art Deco golden age, the Negroni is pure simplicity and with a little care in its preparation, can transport even the most erudite of imbibers to another time and place.

Today The 924 Negroni is still blended, aged, blended once again and bottled entirely by hand in our production facility located in the heart of leafy Camberwell, just 10 minutes from Melbourne.

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Welcome to the 924 Cocktail Co.

More than 100 years after the arrival of the Negroni, three Melbourne neighbours and Negroni enthusiasts met one winter’s night for their weekly debrief on life.

Always a convivial occasion where professional conundrums, family milestones and new opportunities are always on the agenda, on this occasion it happened to be Negroni Week and our favourite libation was very much the topic of conversation.


No matter what size event you’re holding, if you need an eyebrow-raising addition to proceedings, The 924 Cocktail Co has the solution.

We’re available for both private and commercial functions. We can offer a fully staffed mobile Negroni stand or self-serve barrels and more.

Negroni recipes

The Negroni recipes that follow have all been created to be easily made in the home.

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